GS Triple Pane Window

GS Ultra Energy Efficient TRIPLE Pane Window

GS Triple Pane Window


GS Triple Pane Window Single HungGS Triple Pane Window Single Hung

Benefits and Features

Easy operation

Constant force counter weight balance system for smooth effortless operation.

A tight seal

Value’s multiple weather-strips give you protection against air infiltration.

Simple to clean

Operating sash can be removed to clean exterior glass from inside your home.


Multiple grid styles and configurations are possible for whatever your application.


Auto locks insure that every time you close the window your home is sealed, giving you security and peace of mind.

Structural Integrity

The mechanically fastened joints of aluminum frames may admit air and water. Fusion-welded uPVC joints create an impervious seal.


Unlike aluminum and wood, uPVC is virtually maintenance free. It never needs paint, and requires only an occasional wash and wipe to clean.


Metals can corrode from exposure to weather and pollution. uPVC is naturally resistant to moisture and atmospheric pollutions such as acids, alkalis and salt air making it the perfect material to stand the test of time.

Energy Efficiency

The superior insulating properties of vinyl designed with heat reducing Multi- chambered profiles and Cardinal 366 glass Reduce Heat transfer up to 3 x that of standard single pane windows.

Color Options

Color Samples

There are several color options at an extra charge (for standard WHITE there is no extra charge).  Colors are available for all our windows and patio doors.

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